SOLCRAFTE SC-200 solar storage tank and water heater panel

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Solcrafte® 200

4-5 persons
2.4m² collector area
69kg weight
195 litres capacity

The first all-in-one compact hot water solar system Solcrafte®

The integrated collector-storage system Solcrafte® offers a high-quality, design-oriented solution at an affordable price. With its all-in-one system, which is unique on the market.

Simple function – Great effect

The principle is easy but brilliant – water is heated and stored directly in the solar collector. Thanks to the integrated storage tank, hot water is created the minute sunlight hits. The process is quick and the water always remains fresh and clean. The smallest amount of sunlight can be converted into heat and used effectively.

solcrafte water flow solar heated water
Solcrafte solar water heater construction

Unique and brilliant

After years of research in collaboration with laboratories and univerities we developed a unique tube coating. This innovative solution protects the Solcrafte® from most corresive waters and ensures the highest level of hygiene.



solcrafte solar hot water panel construction
1 Tempered safety solar glass
2 Clear heat insulation specifically developed for Solcrafte with 99% transparency
3 Storage tank integrated into collector with unique patented pipe and cap conncetion with 195 litre capacity
4 Innovative frame made from aluminium profiles with PU insulation at the sides and rear oft he collector