KITCHENAID KICU569XSS 36-Inch 5-Element Induction Cooktop

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36-Inch 5-Element Induction Cooktop, Architect® Series II

This 5-element induction cooktop combines precision and speed. Electromagnetic technology directly heats the pan while keeping the cooktop surface cool to the touch. Twelve power levels give you the power to rapidly bring water to a boil and sear scallops to perfection. A bridge function combines the power of four elements into two large cooking zones for specialty cookware.



12 Heat Level Settings

12 Heat Level Settings

Provide various levels of heat to fine tune cooking techniques ranging from melting chocolate and simmering a sauce to searing meat or achieving a rapid boil.

4 Elements with Bridge Functions

4 Elements with Bridge Functions

Allows the flexibility to convert four cooking zones into two large cooking zones which provides additional space to accommodate specialty cookware.

5-Element Cooktop

5-Element Cooktop

Provides five independent cooking surface areas.

Additional Features

12''/9'', 4800/2500-Watt Element

Offers two element sizes in one space to accommodate a variety of pan sizes without changing elements and allows you the power needed to cook at high heat.

Control Lock

Helps prevent unintended use and makes it easier to clean the control panel

Melt and Hold

Uses low power levels for melting delicate ingredients or keeping cooked food warm without scorching.

Pan Size Detection

Provides feedback on whether pan size is suitable for the selected element.

Performance Boost

Allows you to exceed the maximum heat-level setting for up to 10 minutes, perfect for rapid boiling

Simmer Function

Automatically selects a low power level to help maintain a constant simmer without boiling over.

Touch-Activated Controls

Integrate seamlessly into the surface and include a slider for heat-level selection



Cutout Depth

19-5/16 in

Cutout Width

33-1/16 in


21-5/16 in


3-1/8 in


36-5/16 in



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