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WHIRLPOOL WDF540PADM 24 Inch Full Console Dishwasher

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5 Wash Cycles
  • Wash Cycle - 1-Hour Wash, Sensor Wash, Heavy, Normal, Soak & Clean.
Sensor Cycle
  • Automatically selects the right wash and dry settings for your load by using two separate sensors to measure temperature, soil level and load size once during the prewash and once during the wash cycle.
Soil Sensor
  • The Soil Sensor determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts the Normal cycle as needed to make sure dishes come out clean.
1-Hour Wash Cycle
  • The 1-Hour Wash option will get dishes clean in about half the time.
AnyWare™ Plus Silverware Basket
  • The AnyWare™ Plus silverware basket frees up rack space by easily fitting on the front of the lower rack or in the door to make room for more dishes.
Triple Filtration System
  • The triple filtration system removes food particles and other soils to provide outstanding cleaning while using less water and energy.
Sani Rinse® Option
  • Sanitizes dishes by eliminating 99.99% of food and bacteria.
  • For outstanding energy efficiency, which means you'll save big-time on your utility bills.
Additional Features
  • Heavy Cycle
  • Nylon Racks
  • Detergent and Rinse Aid


Product Dimensions (H x W x D)

34-1/2" x 23-7/8" x 24-1/2"


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