We now ship Kutch Professional products anywhere within the Continental US and Puerto Rico.

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Our Story

Alexis J. Seguinot started the company ED Supply because the Puerto Rican home improvement market was in need of high quality products related to kitchen remodeling.

They noticed a lack of supply in what has to do with high-end electrical appliances, sinks, mixer taps and more for the type of client who does not necessarily have much time to go out and look for them in person.

It is for this reason that he founded the only online store on the island, which has the ability to deliver to the door of customers' homes and at no additional cost. Avoiding the consumer the worry of how to get their favorite equipment to their residence.

At the beginning, the biggest challenge was being able to design the delivery process and the agreements with purely local companies that had the capacity to go directly to our customers' homes.

As a result, we managed to ensure that our consumers, in addition to being able to buy their favorite products from the comfort of their home, also have the opportunity to obtain them easily.

Our mission is to be able to continue expanding our range of products and to be able to obtain them even faster. At the same time, our goal is to become the best option in the market in what has to do with price and quality of products.

Our Founding Journey

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