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How to Choose a Refrigerator

Refrigerators come in a wide variety of styles and with a number of features to choose from. Consumers should consider their unique needs when choosing what kind of refrigerator is best for the types of food they store. Here are some tips on how to choose your refrigerator.


  • Add a 1 inch gap on all sides to prevent overheating
  • Poor ventilation diminishes performance
  • Refrigerator insulation may expand the walls up to a 1/2 inch



  • Consider any walls that may block opening of the refrigerator doors
  • Other considerations include kitchen counters, islands, and drawers
  • Make sure to measure every doorway the fridge will travel towards installation


 Food Storage

  • Consider the total amount of food you would have any one time
  • Calculate 8 cubic feet per person for “family size” fridges
  • Produce bins are on the bottom, so reaching for veggies may be a challenge


Door Configuration 

Top Freezer

  • Features wide shelves for plenty of storage space
  • Typically the best priced option


Bottom Freezer

  • Very popular style
  • Food at eye level is convenient
  • Freezers with baskets make access easier


French Door

  • Wider interior space than a side-by-side
  • Great for larger fridge items and food organization
  • Lacks in energy efficiency



  • Narrow doors are great for small spaces
  • Energy efficient
  • May lack in accessibility



Finish is an extremely important decision when choosing a fridge or any appliance. In fact, a stainless steel finish may actually add value to the home because the look is timeless.


Other Considerations 


  • US Department of Energy's stamp of approval
  • Certified to save energy and money

Humidity Controlled

  • Maintains consistent humidity
  • Keeps crisper drawers fresh

Water and Ice

  • Feature widely available
  • Often at little or no extra cost

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